Institute of Information Theory and Automation

Department of Stochastic Informatics

Head of the Department:
Jan Seidler

Deputy head of the Department:
Pavel Boček

Jarmila Maňhalová

phone: +420 266 052 466
staff: people, Ph.D. students
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Research in the department is concentrated on following fields of mathematics:

  • Stochastic analysis, with emphasis on infinite-dimensional problems and interacting particle systems
  • Strictly stationary processes and ergodic theory
  • Analysis of statistical data, with focus on multidimensional nonparametric statistics and survival analysis
  • Statistical signal processing, in particular blind signal separation problems


Last events:

Blind Source Separation

Blind Source Separation consists of recovering original signals from their mixtures when the mixing process is unknown. In biomedicine, namely in MEG and EEG signal processing, one of the most popular algorithms nowadays is SOBI (Second Order Blind Identification).

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