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On some properties of a new Austin-Brewer-type SIR model 18.01.2016
Non-Gaussian Volterra processes II 21.12.2015
Non-Gaussian Volterra processes 14.12.2015
Handling multidimensional probability tables by means of Kruskal-form tensors 07.12.2015
AS seminář: Probabilistic Distributed Industrial System Monitor 07.12.2015
Edwards-Wilkinson fluctuations in the Howitt-Warren flows 30.11.2015
Sliding Mode Controllers: stages of evolution 27.11.2015
Markov type LQ control problem for SDEs driven by general Volterra Gaussian noise, Part II 23.11.2015
Some Results and Problems in the Theory of Fisher Information 23.11.2015
Markov type LQ control problem for SDEs driven by general Volterra Gaussian noise 16.11.2015
Nash Equilibrium in Pay-as-bid Electricity Market 02.11.2015
AS seminář: Poměřování (ne)podobnosti pravděpodobnostních distribucí 02.11.2015
Ergodic maximum principle for infinite dimensional stochastic systems 26.10.2015
AS seminar: Markov Decision Process in Cellular Model of Evacuation 12.10.2015
seminář AS: Odhadování zdrojového členu při radiačním úniku 07.09.2015
Lattices of functional dependences 31.08.2015
Multilinear Secret-Sharing Scheme 18.08.2015
Reasoning about uncertain conditionals 10.08.2015
Consonant Conflicts between Belief Functions 01.06.2015
Human Action Recognition in Videos 20.05.2015
Pathwise solutions and attractors for retarded SPDEs 18.05.2015
CSKI seminar: Global tracker: an online evaluation framework to improve tracking quality in video surveillance 13.05.2015
On parameter estimation for SDEs, Part 2 11.05.2015
On parameter estimation for SDEs 04.05.2015
Cylindrical Volterra processes, Part 3 30.03.2015
Cylindrical Volterra processes, Part 2 23.03.2015
New type of homogenization problems for stochastic parabolic equations 16.03.2015
Cylindrical Volterra processes 09.03.2015
Rough paths - an informal introduction 23.02.2015
Sips of SIP 02.02.2015
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