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Convergence of branching-coalescing nonsimple random walks to the Brownian net 30.01.2017
seminář AS: Jak uvést algoritmické obchodování do praxe? 30.01.2017
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Copulas (but Were Afraid to Ask) 16.01.2017
On the emergence of random initial conditions in fluid limits 09.01.2017
SPDEs with boundary noise of Volterra type 19.12.2016
AS seminar: Selection of tuning parameter in sparse linear regression 12.12.2016
Stochastic evolution equations in Banach spaces driven by a fractional Brownian motion 05.12.2016
Variational tools in analysis of multifunctions 05.12.2016
Discrete Beckner inequalities via the Bochner-Bakry-Emery approach for Markov chains 28.11.2016
On a simple construction of singular distribution functions 21.11.2016
Ergodic control for Lévy-driven linear SPDEs 07.11.2016
AS seminar: Tokamak plasma boundary estimation using Variational Bayes 07.11.2016
Limits of graph sequences, dense and sparse 31.10.2016
Controlled bilinear SPDEs with Volterra noise 24.10.2016
Tropical Limits of Probability Spaces. Entropy and Beyond 24.10.2016
Intertwining of the Wright-Fisher diffusion 17.10.2016
Hidden Conflict of Belief Functions / Skrytý konflikt domněnkových funkcí 17.10.2016
Self-organised criticality on the stock market 10.10.2016
AS seminář: Using CMA-ES for tuning coupled PID controllers within models of combustion engines 03.10.2016
Topological support of solutions to stochastic differential equations, Part 2 13.06.2016
Quadratic variation and Ward's theorem, Part 2 06.06.2016
Discrete energy minimization - part 2 03.06.2016
Quadratic variation and Ward's theorem 30.05.2016
Seminář AS: Odhadování stavového modelu tepelné sítě s neznámými parametry 30.05.2016
Topological support of solutions to stochastic differential equations 23.05.2016
Stochastic evolution equations with singular fractional noise 02.05.2016
A simple proof of exponential decay of subcritical contact processes, Part 2 18.04.2016
A simple proof of exponential decay of subcritical contact processes 11.04.2016
Dynamical Properties and Tumor Clearance Conditions for Multidimensional Models of Bladder Cancer Immunotherapy 05.04.2016
Rough Gronwall lemma and weak solutions to RPDEs 04.04.2016
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