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Berta Grimau, Ph.D.

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Semantics of plurals, plural logic, higher-order logic, formal metaphysics, semantics of graded predicates, vagueness.

Short bio:

I obtained an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (2011) from the University of Barcelona and a MA in Logic and Philosophy of Science (2014) from the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität Munich), where I wrote my master thesis under the supervision of Hannes Leitgeb. I obtained a PhD in Philosophy (2018) from the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Adam Rieger, Stefan Krämer, Fraser MacBride and Bruno Whittle. During my PhD studies, I carried out a research stay under the supervision of Stewart Shapiro at Ohio State University. Since October 2018, I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation (Czech Academy of Sciences) in Prague, working with Carles Noguera for the project Reasoning with Graded Properties


My research is mainly in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language and formal semantics, although I am also interested in topics in the philosophy of mathematics and formal metaphysics. In particular, I have worked on the semantics of plurals and their potential as formal tools with which to carry out philosophical endeavours such as metaphysical nominalism and logicism. I am currently working on the topic of formalising reasoning with graded predicates and, in particular, on using fuzzy logics to this end.


'In Defence of Higher-Level Plural Logic: Drawing Conclusions from Natural Language'. Forthcoming in Synthese.

'Review of Reflective Equilibrium and the Principles of Logical Analysis'. Forthcoming in The Philosophical Quarterly.

'Making Sense of Higher-Level Plurals'. In Pavel Arazim & Tomáš Lávička (eds.), The Logica Yearbook 2016. London: College Publications. (2017).


I have worked as a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, teaching critical thinking and philosophy of mathematics (as a guest lecturer). Moreover, also in Glasgow, I have worked as a tutor, teaching various topics within theoretical philosophy – critical thinking, logic, philosophy of mind and metaphysics, among others.

Other activities:

I have organised academic activities such as the Postgraduate Seminar at the University of Glasgow and two academic conferences as a delegate of Minorities and Philosophy at Glasgow. Moreover, I have acted as a reviewer for the Introduction to Philosophy Open Textbook (Logic chapter), for the Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, for Fuzzy Sets and Systems and for Synthese.

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