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On-line Parameter Tuning of Model Predictive Control

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav

serial: Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, p. 5489-5494 , Eds: Bittanti , Cenedese , Zampieri 

action: 18th IFAC World Congress, (Milano, IT, 28.08.2011-02.09.2011)

research: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

project(s): GAP102/11/0437, GA ČR

keywords: Model Predictive Control, Parameter Tuning, LQ Control, Probality Calculus

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abstract (eng):

Model Predictive Control is a powerful control approach suitable for industrial applications due to its simplicity and flexibility. The aim of the paper is to introduce principal points for on-line tuning and automatic set-up of predictive control parameters. A proposed way of the tuning arises from the fact that in all control tasks, there is a certain degree of uncertainty with respect to the controlled system including its neighborhood. The strategy takes advantage of an analogy of the discrete Predictive Control and Linear Quadratic Control (LQ Control) connected with the probability calculus. The parameter tuning is demonstrated on multidimensional robotic system.


21.12.2012 - 16:10