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Blur Invariant Translational Image Registration for N-fold Symmetric Blurs

Journal Article

Pedone M., Flusser Jan, Heikkilä J.

serial: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing vol.22, 9 (2013), p. 3676-3689

project(s): GAP103/11/1552, GA ČR

keywords: Image registration, blurred images, N-fold rotation symmetry, phase correlation

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abstract (eng):

In this paper, we propose a new registration method designed particularly for registering differently blurred images. Such a task cannot be successfully resolved by traditional approaches. Our method is inspired by traditional phase correlation, which is now applied to certain blur-invariant descriptors instead of the original images. This method works for unknown blurs assuming the blurring PSF exhibits an N-fold rotational symmetry. It does not require any landmarks. We have experimentally proven its good performance, which is not dependent on the amount of blur. In this paper, we explicitly address only registration with respect to translation, but the method can be readily generalized to rotation and scaling.


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