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Improving the blind restoration of retinal images by means of point-spread-function estimation assessment

Conference Paper (international conference)

Marrugo A., Millán M. S., Šorel Michal, Kotera Jan, Šroubek Filip

serial: Proceedings of 10th International Seminar on Medical Information Processing and Analysis (SIPAIM) 2014

action: International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis 2014 /10./, (Cartagena de Indias, CO, 10.10.2014-16.10.2014)

project(s): GA13-29225S, GA ČR

keywords: medical imaging, deconvolution, deblurring

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abstract (eng):

Retinal images often suffer from blurring which hinders disease diagnosis and progression assessment. The restoration of the images is carried out by means of blind deconvolution, but the success of the restoration depends on the correct estimation of the point-spread-function (PSF) that blurred the image. The restoration can be space-invariant or space-variant. Because a retinal image has regions without texture or sharp edges, the blind PSF estimation may fail. In this paper we propose a strategy for the correct assessment of PSF estimation in retinal images for restoration by means of space-invariant or space-variant blind deconvolution. Our method is based on a decomposition in Zernike coe cients of the estimated PSFs to identify valid PSFs. This signicantly improves the quality of the image restoration revealed by the increased visibility of small details like small blood vessels and by the lack of restoration artifacts.


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