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CSKI seminar: Global tracker: an online evaluation framework to improve tracking quality in video surveillance

2015-05-13 14:00
Name of External Lecturer: 
Julien Badie
Affiliation of External Lecturer: 
INRIA, France
During the last years, significant improvements were made in people detection, tracking and high-level recognition of events. At the same time, several challenges remains and one of them is error management. Evaluating the quality of tracking outputs is an important task in video analysis. However this task is usually performed offline and need additional data to be used for comparison. In this presentation we explore a method to automatically detect tracking output errors during runtime by extracting a feature vector that captures the appearance, the motion and the interactions with the other elements of the scene (other actors or background elements). We then try to correct some of these errors by using a re-identification method to identify people who are hidden for a long time due to occlusions or who leave and re-enter the scene.
2015-05-11 21:24