Institute of Information Theory and Automation

CSKI seminar: Stochastic Robust (Anisotropy-based) Control Theory: new sight, new problems

Lecturer: Dr. Ing. Alexander Kurdyukov
Institute: Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, RAS
Date and time: 10.09.2013 - 14:00
Room: 474
Department: Adaptive Systems (AS)


In this seminar, stochastic robust anisotropy-based control is considered as some kind of the disturbance attenuation problem. The fundamental conception of anisotropy-based control theory will be reminded. The main results of classical optimal and suboptimal anisotropy-based control will be reported. Then, it will be shown how the idea of Dr. Karny about non-zero mean of input disturbances in anisotropy theory background can change the problem statement in this theory. The new results in anisotropy-based theory with non-zero mean of input disturbance will be presented. The new open problems will be formulated.

Dr. Ing. Alexander Kurdyukov
Head of the Laboratory 1, Laboratory of Dynamics of Control Systems
Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences Russian Academy of Sciences
Profsoyuznaya st. 65
117997 Moscow
Russian Federation


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