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Publications reported in the last month

Adaptive Systems

Rezunenko OleksandrViral infection model with diffusion and state-dependent delay: a case of logistic growth , Proceedings of EQUADIFF 2017 Conference, p. 53-60 , Eds: Mikula K., Ševčovič D., Urbán J., EQUADIFF 2017, (Bratislava, SK, 20170724) [2017] Download


Baruník J., Vácha LukášDo co-jumps impact correlations in currency markets? , Journal of Financial Markets vol.37, 1 (2018), p. 97-119 [2018] Download
Baumöhl E., Kočenda Evžen, Lyócsa S., Výrost T.Networks of volatility spillovers among stock markets , Physica. A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications vol.490, 1 (2018), p. 1555-1574 [2018] Download

Decision Making Theory

Aussel D., Červinka Michal, Henrion D., Pištěk MiroslavAlternative Formulation of Pay-as-clear Auction in Electricity Markets, ÚTIA AV ČR v.v.i, (Praha 2017) Research Report 2368 [2017]
Baia M., Krömer Stefan, Kružík MartinGeneralized W1;1-Young Measures and Relaxation of Problems with Linear Growth , SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis vol.50, 1 (2018), p. 1076-1119 [2018] Download
Matúš FrantišekOn patterns of conditional independences and covariance signs among binary variables , Acta Mathematica Hungarica vol.154, 2 (2018), p. 511-524 [2018] Download
Repin S., Valdman JanVerifications of Primal Energy Identities for Variational Problems with Obstacles , Large-Scale Scientific Computing : 11th International Conference, LSSC 2017, p. 175-182 , Eds: Lirkov I., Margenov S., International Conference on Large-Scale Scientific Computing - LSSC 2017 /11./, (Sozopol, BG, 20170605) [2018] Download

Pattern Recognition

Grim JiříVyhodnocování grantové soutěže pomocí otevřené expertní databáze, ÚTIA AV ČR v.v.i, (Praha 2018) Research Report 2371 [2018] Download

Stochastic Informatics

Zvárová Jana, Vajda IgorOn Genetic Information and Diversity , ISCB26, p. 50 , Eds: Singer J., Boda K., Schemper M., ISCB 2005. Annual Conference /26./, (Szeged, HU, 21.08.2005-25.08.2005) [2005]

Control Theory

Image processing

Talich MilanUsing Ground Radar Interferometry for Precise Determining of Deformation and Vertical Deflection of Structures , IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, p. 1-10 , Eds: Ferrero, A.M. , Drusa, M. , Marschalko, M. , Yilmaz, I. , Karaca, O. , Torok, I. , World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium (WMESS 2017), (Prague, CZ, 20170911) [2017] Download
Šroubek Filip, Bartoš Michal, Zitová Barbara, Schier Jan, Boldyš Jiří, Vydra J., Daneš J.Softwarový modul projektu SONO, ( 2014) [2014] Download
Novozámský AdamSelected Application Areas of Image Processing: Image Forensics and Medical Imaging, Czech Technical University in Prague, (Praha 2017) [2017] Download

Signal Processing

Kadlec Jiří, Pohl Zdeněk, Kohout LukášVideo Processing Demonstrator with Full HD Sensor and 8xSIMD EdkDSP Accelerator IP Core, ( 2018) [2018] Download
Kadlec Jiří, Pohl Zdeněk, Kohout LukášSW Defined Floating Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Serving for Adaptive Noise Cancellation, ( 2018) [2018] Download
Kadlec Jiří, Pohl Zdeněk, Kohout LukášCompact Zynq System with SW-defined Floating-Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP Accelerator, ( 2018) [2018] Download
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