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Books and chapters

  1. Hallin M., Šiman MiroslavMultiple-output quantile regression , Handbook of Quantile Regression, p. 185-208 , Eds: Koenker Roger, Chernozhukov Victor, He Xuming, Peng Limin [2017] Download

Journal articles

  1. Kalina Jan, Vašaničová P., Litavcová E.Regression Quantiles under Heteroscedasticity and Multicollinearity: Analysis of Travel and Tourism Competitiveness , Ekonomický časopis vol.67, 1 (2019), p. 69-85 [2019] Download
  2. Hlubinka D., Šiman MiroslavParametric Elliptical Regression Quantiles , Revstat Statistical Journal [2019] Download
  3. Kalina JanHigh-dimensional data in economics and their (robust) analysis , Serbian Journal of Management vol.12, 1 (2017), p. 171-183 [2017] Download
  4. Kalina JanOn Locally Most Powerful Sequential Rank Tests , Sequential Analysis vol.36, 1 (2017), p. 111-125 [2017] Download

Other publications

  1. Kalina Jan, Peštová B.Various Approaches to Szroeter’s Test for Regression Quantiles , Proceedings of the 11th International Scientific Conference INPROFORUM: Innovations, Enterprises, Regions and Management, p. 361-365 , Eds: Pech M., INPROFORUM 2017. The International Scientific Conference. Innovations, Enterprises, Regions and Management /11./, (České Budějovice, CZ, 20171109) [2017] Download
  2. Kalina Jan, Peštová B.Exact Inference In Robust Econometrics under Heteroscedasticity , The 11th International Days of Statistics and Economics Conference Proceedings, p. 636-645 , Eds: Löster T., Pavelka T., International Days of Statistics and Economics /11./, (Prague, CZ, 20170914) [2017] Download
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