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Project IAA1030405

    Journal articles

    1. Henrion R., Outrata Jiří, Surowiec T.On the co-derivative of normal cone mappings to inequality systems , Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications vol.71, p. 1213-1226 [2009] Download
    2. Outrata Jiří, Henrion R.On calculating the normal cone to a finite union of convex polyhedra , Optimization vol.57, 1 (2008), p. 57-78 [2008]
    3. Mordukhovich B. S., Outrata Jiří, Červinka MichalEquilibrium problems with complementarity constraints: case study with applications to oligopolistic markets , Optimization vol.56, 4 (2007), p. 479-494 [2007]
    4. Červinka MichalA note on existence of mixed solutions to equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints , Bulletin of the Czech Econometric Society vol.2007, 24 (2007), p. 27-44 [2007]
    5. Outrata Jiří, Henrion R.Calmness of constraint systems with applications , Mathematical Programming vol.104, p. 437-464 [2005]

    Other publications

    1. Červinka MichalHierarchical Structures in Equilibrium Problems, Matematicko fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, (Praha 2008) [2008] Download
    2. Henrion R., Outrata Jiří, Surowiec T.On the coderivative of normal cone mappings to inequality systems, WIAS, (Berlín 2008) Research Report 1321 [2008]
    3. Henrion R., Outrata JiříOn calculating the normal cone to finite union of convex polyhedra, WIAS, (Berlin 2006) Research Report 1146 [2006]
    4. Henrion R., Outrata JiříCalmness of Constraint Systems with Applications, WIAS, (Berlin 2004) Research Report 929 [2004]
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