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Michal Červinka

    Journal articles

    1. Branda Martin, Bucher M., Červinka Michal, Schwartz A.Convergence of a Scholtes-type regularization method for cardinality-constrained optimization problems with an application in sparse robust portfolio optimization , Computational Optimization and Applications vol.70, 2 (2018), p. 503-530 [2018] Download
    2. Červinka Michal, Kanzow Ch., Schwartz A.Constraint qualifications and optimality conditions for optimization problems with cardinality constraints , Mathematical Programming vol.160, 1 (2016), p. 353-377 [2016] Download
    3. Outrata Jiří, Ferris M.C., Červinka Michal, Outrata M.On Cournot-Nash-Walras Equilibria and Their Computation , Set-Valued and Variational Analysis vol.24, 3 (2016), p. 387-402 [2016] Download
    4. Aussel D., Červinka Michal, Marechal M.Deregulated electricity markets with thermal losses and production bounds: models and optimality conditions , R A I R O - Operations Research vol.50, 1 (2016), p. 19-38 [2016]
    5. Adam Lukáš, Červinka Michal, Pištěk MiroslavNormally Admissible Stratifications and Calculation of Normal Cones to a Finite Union of Polyhedral Sets , Set-Valued and Variational Analysis vol.24, 2 (2016), p. 207-229 [2016] Download
    6. Červinka Michal, Outrata Jiří, Pištěk MiroslavOn Stability of M-stationary Points in MPCCs , Set-Valued and Variational Analysis vol.22, 3 (2014), p. 575-595 [2014] Download
    7. Červinka Michal, Matonoha Ctirad, Outrata JiříOn the computation of relaxed pessimistic solutions to MPECs , Optimization Methods & Software vol.28, 1 (2013), p. 186-206 [2013]
    8. Outrata Jiří, Červinka MichalOn the implicit programming approach in a class of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints , Control and Cybernetics vol.38, p. 1557-1574 [2009] Download
    9. Mordukhovich B. S., Outrata Jiří, Červinka MichalEquilibrium problems with complementarity constraints: case study with applications to oligopolistic markets , Optimization vol.56, 4 (2007), p. 479-494 [2007]
    10. Červinka MichalA note on existence of mixed solutions to equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints , Bulletin of the Czech Econometric Society vol.2007, 24 (2007), p. 27-44 [2007]
    11. Červinka MichalA numerical approach to weak Pareto solutions to equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints , Journal of Electrical Engineering - Elektrotechnický časopis vol.57, 7 (2006), p. 14-17, ISCAM 2006. International Conference in Applied Mathematics for undergraduate and graduate students, (Bratislava, SK, 07.04.2006-08.04.2006) [2006]

    Other publications

    1. Aussel D., Červinka Michal, Henrion R., Pištěk MiroslavAlternative Formulation of Pay-as-clear Auction in Electricity Markets, ÚTIA AV ČR v.v.i, (Praha 2017) Research Report 2368 [2017]
    2. Červinka Michal, Kratochvíl VáclavParametric Optimization and Related Topics XI, MatfyzPress, (Praha 2017) , 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PARAMETRIC OPTIMIZATION AND RELATED TOPICS, (Praha, CZ, 20170919) [2017] Download
    3. Branda Martin, Červinka Michal, Schwartz A.Sparse robust portfolio optimization via NLP regularizations, ÚTIA AV ČR v. v. i., (Praha 2016) Research Report 2358 [2016] Download
    4. Červinka MichalVariational Analysis and Its Applications, MATFYZPRESS, (Praha 2015) , Spring School in Variational Analysis /6./, (Paseky nad Jizerou, CZ, 19.04.2015-25.04.2015) [2015]
    5. Červinka MichalVariational Analysis and its applications, MATFYZPRESS, (Praha 2012) Spring school in variational analysis Lecture notes vol.2012 , Jarní škola variační analýzy, Paseky nad Jizerou 2012, (Paseky nad Jizerou, CZ, 22.4.-28.4.2012) [2012]
    6. Červinka Michal, Matonoha Ctirad, Outrata JiříOn the computation of relaxed pessimistic solutions to MPECs (revised version), ICS AS CR, (Prague 2010) Research Report V-1088 [2010]
    7. Červinka Michal, Matonoha Ctirad, Outrata JiříOn the Computation of Relaxed Pessimistic Solutions to MPECs, ICS AS CR, (Prague 2009) Research Report V-1057 [2009]
    8. Červinka MichalLecture notes spring school in variational analysis Paseky 2009, MFF UK, (Paseky nad Jizerou 2009) , Spring school in variational analysis, (Paseky, CZ, 19.04.2009-25.4.2009) [2009]
    9. Červinka MichalHierarchical Structures in Equilibrium Problems, Matematicko fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, (Praha 2008) [2008] Download
    10. Outrata Jiří, Červinka MichalBoris S. Mordukhovich: Variational analysis and generalized differentiation , Mathematical Methods of Operations Research vol.65, 1 (2007), p. 195-198 [2007]
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