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BSR - Matlab Tool for Blind Superresolution

Prototype, methodology, f. module, software

Šroubek Filip, Flusser Jan

publisher: ( 2008)

research: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

project(s): 1M0572, GA MŠk

keywords: blind deconvolution, superresolution, Matlab

abstract (eng):

The BSR tool performs blind deconvolution and/or superresolution of multiple images or whole video sequences. The implementation platform is Matlab 7.x with Optimization Toolbox. Graphical user interface provides an easy-to-use environment. More advance configuration is possible using a text file in XML format.

abstract (cze):

BSR provádí slepou dekonvoluci a zvyšování rozlišení z několika snímků nebo celé video sekvence.


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