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Affine Moment Invariants Generated by Graph Method

Journal Article

Suk Tomáš, Flusser Jan

serial: Pattern Recognition vol.44, 9 (2011)

research: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

project(s): GA102/08/1593, GA ČR

keywords: Image moments, Object recognition, Affine transformation, Affine moment invariants, Pseudoinvariants, Graph representation, Irreducibility, Independence

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abstract (eng):

The paper presents a general method of an automatic deriving affine moment invariants of any weights and orders. The method is based on representation of the invariants by graphs. We propose an algorithm for eliminating reducible and dependent invariants. This method represents a systematic approach to the generation of all relevant moment features for recognition of affinely distorted objects. We also show the difference between pseudoinvariants and true invariants.


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