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Multichannel deblurring of digital images

Journal Article

Šorel Michal, Šroubek Filip, Flusser Jan

serial: Kybernetika vol.47, 3 (2011), p. 439-454

research: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

project(s): 1M0572, GA MŠk

keywords: image restoration, blind deconvolution, deblurring

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abstract (eng):

Blur is a common problem that limits the effective resolution of many imaging systems. In this article, we give a general overview of methods that can be used to reduce the blur. This includes the classical multi-channel deconvolution problems as well as challenging extensions to spatially varying blur. The proposed methods are formulated as energy minimization problems with specific regularization terms on images and blurs. Experiments on real data illustrate very good and stable performance of the methods.


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