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Synthesis of Decentralized Supervisor for Petri Nets Using Decomposition with Overlapping Places

Journal Article

Papík Martin, Moravec J.

serial: APPLIED MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES vol.6, 124 (2012), p. 6181-6194

keywords: Perti nets, loopback control, decentralization

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abstract (eng):

Petri nets are a formal tool for describing processes in a many of important technical and social applications. Their advantage over other related type instruments is very effective modeling of parallelism. This makes it easy to avoid improper behavior process. This article deals with the use of Petri nets for modeling specific type of control of dynamic systems, which reduces improper behavior of these systems. One way to influence the behavior of the system is a suitable feedback that prevents the emergence of adverse conditions. The article presents the partial achievements of our research on loopback control and design supervisors for Petri nets.


2012-12-21 16:10