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Cost Functions for Assessment of Vehicle Dynamics

Conference Paper (international conference)

Savitski D., Plíhal Jiří, Nedoma P., Machan J., Ivanov V., Augsburg K.

serial: Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, IEEE SSCI 2013, p. 48-55

action: IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI) 2013, (Singapore, SG, 16.04.2013-19.04.2013)

project(s): FP7-284708 (2007-2013), EU commisions

keywords: vehicle dynamics, cost functions, weighting factors

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abstract (eng):

The paper addresses methodology of the assessment of vehicle dynamics on the basis of a set of cost functions. The proposed concept covers different domains like longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics with a possibility to deduce a complex cost function having three main attributes: (i) dimensionless form, (ii) range from 0 to 1, and (iii) weighting factors for each individual domain. The attributes (i) and (ii) are subjected to the comparison of baseline, reference, and actual values of corresponding parameters of vehicle dynamics like acceleration, yaw rate, slip and others. The attribute (iii) links to the choice of weighting factors from the analysis of vehicle maneuvers.


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