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A Comment on a Novel Approach for the Registration of Weak Affine Images

Journal Article

Flusser Jan, Zitová Barbara

serial: Pattern Recognition Letters vol.34, 12 (2013), p. 1381-1385

project(s): GAP103/11/1552, GA ČR

keywords: Image registration, Affine transform, Affine subgroups, Weak affine transform, Area-preserving affine transform

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abstract (eng):

In the recent paper (Li and Zhang, 2012) a mapping model of weak affine transform (WAT) was proposed for registering images of flat scenes. We show that such a model may cause inaccuracies when registering images with non-uniform scaling differences, even if they seemingly behave according to this model. Mathematical reason of this is that WAT is neither invertible nor closed. We explain why mapping models forming a group should be preferably used for registration and show some examples of models belonging to affine subgroups.


2012-12-21 16:10