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Efficient image duplicated region detection model using sequential block clustering

Journal Article

Sekeh M. A., Maarof M. A., Rohani M. F., Mahdian Babak

serial: Digital Investigation vol.10, 1 (2013), p. 73-84

keywords: Image forensic, Copy–paste forgery, Local block matching

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abstract (eng):

Apart from robustness and accuracy of copy–paste image forgery detection, time complexity also plays an important role to evaluate the performance of the system. In this paper, the focus point is to improve time complexity of the block-matching algorithm. Hence, a coarse-to-fine approach is applied to propose an enhanced duplicated region detection model by using sequential block clustering. Clustering minimizes the search space in block matching. This significantly improves time complexity as it eliminates several extra block-comparing operations. We determine time complexity function of the proposed algorithm to measure the performance. The experimental results and mathematical analysis demonstrate that our proposed algorithm has more improvement in time complexity when the block size is small.


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