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Quadratic adaptive control of normal mixtures

Conference Paper (international conference)

Böhm Josef, Kárný Miroslav

serial: Proceedings of the European Control Conference ECC'01 , Eds: Martins de Carvalho J. L.

publisher: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade, (Porto 2001)

action: European Control Conference ECC'01, (Porto, PT, 04.09.2001-07.09.2001)

research: AV0Z1075907

project(s): 1999/12058, IST, GA102/99/1564, GA ČR, GA102/99/1292, GA ČR

keywords: adaptive control, optimal control, identification of non-linear systems

abstract (eng):

The paper deals with adaptive control of a system described by a mixture of normal regression models with external variables. A recently proposed method of quasi-Bayes recursive estimation od such models is complemented with optimal quadratic control design od such a mixture using certainty equivalence combination. The design technology guarantees that an optimal stabilizing controller is found if it exists.

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