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The antibacklash task in the path control of redundant parallel robots (subtopic: preparation of real-time control)

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav

serial: The 2nd International PhD Student Workshop on Systems and Control - "Young Generation's Viewpoint". Proceedings, p. 11-15

publisher: CAI, (Budapest 2001)

action: International PhD Student Workshop on Systems and Control /2./, (Balatonfüred, HU, 17.09.2001-20.09.2001)

research: AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA101/99/0729, GA ČR, 300104412, IGS ČVUT, GA102/99/1564, GA ČR

keywords: antibacklash task, redundant paraller robot, pseudoinverse

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abstract (eng):

The draft paper deals with solution of the antibacklash task of the redundant parallel robots. This type of the robots is generally described by Lagrange˙s equations of mixed type, on which base the used controls (Inverse Dynamics Control (IDC), Sliding Mode Control (SMC) and Predictive Control (GPC) are designed. This paper discusses the two following ways. The first is based on solution of systems with the deficient rank matrix inversion and the second is general use of the Quadratic programming (QP).

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