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Possibilistic belief network constructed by operators of composition and its application to financial analysis

Monography Chapter

Jiroušek Radim, Vejnarová Jiřina, Gemela J.

serial: Belief Functions in Business Decisions, p. 252-280 , Eds: Srivastava R. P., Mock T. J.

publisher: Physica Verlag, (Heidelberg 2002)


research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA201/98/1487, GA ČR, VS96008, GA MŠk

keywords: possibility theory, multidimensional models, applications

abstract (eng):

The main part of the paper describes a new way how to define possibilistic belief networks as a sequence of low-dimensonal distributions connected by operators of composition. To make this nonstandard technique better comprehensible, it introduces an extended motivation part explaining the basic notions on a simple (probabilistic) example. The paper is concluded by a lucid example of application of the apparatus for fundamental analysis of engineering enterprices.

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