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State-space generalized predictive control for redundant parallel robots

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav, Böhm Josef, Valášek M.

serial: Virtual Nonlinear Multibody Systems. NATO Advanced Study Institute, p. 9-14 , Eds: Schiehlen W., Valášek M.

publisher: Czech Technical University, (Praha 2002)

action: Virtual Nonlinear Multibody Systems. NATO Advanced Study Institute, (Praha, CZ, 23.06.2002-03.07.2002)

research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): 0204512-1002045, IG ČVUT

keywords: predictive control, redundancy, quadratic criterion

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abstract (eng):

The paper deals with the design and properties of Generalized Predictive Control for path control of the redundant parallel robots. It summarizes classical and root minimization of the quadratic criterion and direct and two-step design of actuators respectively. As an example, the planar redundant parallel robot is used. Moreover, the paper presents several possibilities to use Predictive control for compliance of additional requirements (smooth trends of actuators or fulfillment antibacklash condition).

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