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On interpretation of Lukasziewicz-product possibility distributions

Conference Paper (international conference)

Vejnarová Jiřina

serial: Proceedings of the 5th Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty, p. 137-142 , Eds: Watada J.

publisher: Osaka University, (Osaka 2002)

action: Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty /5./, (Mt. Koyasan, JP, 14.09.2002-16.09.2002)

research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA201/02/1269, GA ČR

keywords: multidimensional possibility distributions, triangular norm, conditional independence

abstract (eng):

In this contribution we recall methods of obtaining a T-product possibility distribution from a system of its marginals and also its dependence on the underlying t-norm from the viewpoint of decision making. Greatest attention is paid to the interpretation of different models as distributions dominating different classes of probability distributions. We summarize previously obtained results based on Godel's and product t-norms and present new, original results for Lukasziewicz' t-norm.

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