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Real-time simulation and visualization of high-level model-based control of redundant parallel robots

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav

serial: MATLAB 2002. Sborník příspěvků 10. ročníku konference, p. 21-27

publisher: VŠCHT, (Praha 2002)

action: MATLAB 2002, (Praha, CZ, 07.11.2002)

research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA102/02/0204, GA ČR, 0204512, CTU IG

keywords: prediktive control, sliding mode control, real-time simulation

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abstract (eng):

The paper briefly introduces examples of high-level model-based control (Sliding Mode Control and Generalized Predictive Control) applied to the redundant parallel robots. The objective is a presentation of using MATLAB˙SIMULINK environment for real-time simulation and visualization of control of these robots. Implementation is accomplished by combination of C MEX S-Functions and ordinary C MEX-Files within SIMULINK scheme under support of Real-Time Windows Target (2.1) and Virtual Reality Toolbox (2.0).

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