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Mixtools. (Program)

Prototype, methodology, f. module, software

Nedoma Petr, Kárný Miroslav, Guy Tatiana Valentine, Nagy Ivan, Böhm Josef

publisher: ÚTIA AV ČR, (Praha 2003)

research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA102/03/0049, GA ČR, IBS1075351, GA AV ČR, IBS1075102, GA AV ČR

keywords: factor analysis, probabilistic mixtures

abstract (eng):

Mixtools is a MATLAB based toolbox for probabilistic mining of knowledge hidden within acquired data sets and use it for maintaining complex systems or processes.The toolbox functions can be transfered into real time control applications. Corresponding User's Guide in UTIA Research Report No. 2045 from April 2003.

abstract (cze):

Rozsáhlý programový systém pro modelování pravděpodobnostních směsí

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