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Parallel robotic structures and their control in SIMULINK environment

Conference Paper (Czech conference)

Belda Květoslav

serial: MATLAB 2003. Sborník příspěvků 11. ročníku konference, p. 63-71

publisher: VŠCHT, (Praha 2003)

action: MATLAB 2003., (Praha, CZ, 25.11.2003)

research: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA101/03/0620, GA ČR, GA102/02/0204, GA ČR

keywords: parallel structures, SIMULINK, absolute and incremental predictive control

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abstract (eng):

Machine centers for industrial purposes should be accurate and proportionally flexible. One possible direction solving such requirements is utilization of parallel robots. In the paper, modeling and control of such robots are discussed. They are demonstrated by comparative SIMULINK simulation of PID/PSD controllers and discrete model-based predictive controllers. Predictive controllers design control with either mechanical or global model. The global model, in comparison with mechanical, includes drives.

Cosati: 09I, 09N


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