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Maximum principle in optimal design of plates with stratified thickness

Journal Article

Roubíček Tomáš

serial: Applied Mathematics and Optimization vol.51, 99 (2005), p. 183-200

research: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

keywords: linear plate equation, homogenization, optimal thickness design

abstract (eng):

An optimal design problem for a plate governed by a linear, elliptic equation with bounded thickness varying only in a single prescribed direction and with unilateral isoperimetrical-type constraints is considered. Using Murat-Tartar's homogenization theory for stratified plates and Young-measure relaxation theory, smoothness of the extended cost and constraint functionals is proved, and then the maximum principle necessary for an optimal relaxed design is derived.

abstract (cze):

V práci se odvozuje princip maxima v optimálním návrhu desek s laminátově uspořádanou tloušťkou.

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