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Creation of Strain Maps from Velocity Field of Deformation - Benefits Arising Therefrom


Talich Milan

publisher: ( 2013)

project(s): FR-TI4/436, GA MPO

keywords: deformation analysis, displacement vectors, mechanics of continuum, strain maps, velocity field

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abstract (eng):

The paper shows how to a create strain maps from a velocity field or repeated geodetic measurements by appropriate on-line tools and explain why applying of the theory of continuum is useful to deformation analyses obtained from repeated positional survey in geodesy. The independency of resulting deformation parameters to applied coordinate frame is shown, too. By correct processing of repeated geodetic measurements the errors originated from erroneous pre-requisites about stability of some selected points that are taken during normal calculation as stable (in the stable part of such location) will be completely eliminated. When compared to the sole listening of displacements then the strain maps enable to present deformation parameters in much more objective way and serves as a tool to demonstrate the relatively geodynamical trends of the territory in question. .


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