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Entropy based statistical inference for methane emissions released from wetland

Journal Article

Sabolová R., Sečkárová Vladimíra, Dušek Jiří, Stehlík M.

serial: Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems vol.141, 1 (2015), p. 125-133

project(s): GA13-13502S, GA ČR, GA201/12/0083, GA ČR, GAP504/11/1151, GA ČR, SVV 2014-260105, GA UK, ED1.1.00/02.0073, GA MŠk

keywords: chaos, entropy, Kullback-Leibler divergence, Pareto distribution, saddlepoint approaximation, wetland ecosystem

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abstract (eng):

We concentrate on paradigm question how much stochasticity and how much chaos is present in the methane emission model. In particular we analyze the residua from the process of methane emissions from wetlands in the sedge-grass marsh, in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Relation to entropy and a specific version of Kullback-Leibler divergence will be given. Graphical tool to assess the amount of entropy in the system is developed and illustrated on real data from the sedge-grass marsh methane emission.


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