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Quaternion Wiener Deconvolution for Noise Robust Color Image Registration

Journal Article

Pedone M., Bayro-Corrochano E., Flusser Jan, Heikkilä J.

serial: IEEE Signal Processing Letters vol.22, 9 (2015), p. 1278-1282

project(s): GA13-29225S, GA ČR

keywords: Clifford algebra, multivector derivative, phase correlation, quaternion, Wiener filter

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abstract (eng):

In this letter, we propose a global method for registering color images with respect to translation. Our approach is based on the idea of representing translations as convolutions with unknown shifted delta functions, and performing Wiener deconvolution in order to recover the shift between two images.We then derive a quaternionic version of theWiener deconvolution filter in order to register color images. The use of Wiener filter also allows us to explicitly take into account the effect of noise. We prove that the well-known algorithm of phase correlation is a special case of our method, and we experimentally demonstrate the advantages of our approach by comparing it to other known generalizations of the phase correlation algorithm.


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