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Using Strain Analysis For Landslides

Conference Paper (international conference)

Talich Milan

serial: Proceedings of World Landslide Forum 3, 2-6 June 2014, Beijing, p. 178-184

action: World Landslide Forum 3, (Beijing, CN, 02.06.2014-06.06.2014)

project(s): FR-TI4/436, GA MPO

keywords: strain analysis, deformation analysis, displacement vectors, mechanics of continuum, landslides

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abstract (eng):

The paper demonstrates why applying of the theory of strain analysis is useful to monitoring of landslides. The strain analysis going from mechanics of continuum may be applied as basis of communication during the multidisciplinary approach to geodesic, geological and geotechnical monitoring of landslides. It serves also as a technological and scientific communication basis between geodesists and specialists of other professions as geologists, geotechnics, geophysics, building engineers etc. The independency of resulting deformation parameters to applied coordinate frame allows that the errors originated from erroneous pre-requisites about stability of some selected points that are taken during normal calculation as stable (in the stable part of location) will be completely eliminated. When compared to the sole listening of displacements this procedure enables to present deformation parameters in much more objective way and serves as a tool to demonstrate the relatively geodynamical trends of the territory in question.


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