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Fast MATLAB assembly of FEM matrices in 2D and 3D: Edge elements

Journal Article

Anjam I., Valdman Jan

serial: Applied Mathematics and Computation vol.267, 1 (2015), p. 252-263

project(s): GA13-18652S, GA ČR

keywords: MATLAB code vectorization, Finite element method, Edge element, Raviart–Thomas element

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abstract (eng):

We propose an effective and flexible way to assemble finite element stiffness and mass matrices in MATLAB. We apply this for problems discretized by edge finite elements. Typical edge finite elements are Raviart–Thomas elements used in discretizations of Hdiv spaces and Nédélec elements in discretizations of Hcurl spaces. We explain vectorization ideas and comment on a freely available MATLAB code which is fast and scalable with respect to time.


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