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On-line Solution of System Constraints in Generalized Predictive Control Design

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav

serial: Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Process Control 2015, p. 25-30 , Eds: Fikar M., Kvasnica M.

action: Interantional Conference on Process Control 2015 /20./, (Štrbské Pleso, SK, 09.06.2015-12.06.2015)

keywords: Predictive control, incremental algorithms, system constraints, component tuning of control parameters, quadratic cost function, quadratic programming problem

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abstract (eng):

A specific efficient solution of constrained system outputs is presented. The solution is based on on-line weighting of individual system outputs or output components representingin fact a specific on-line tuning/applification of the components of weighting control parameters. Thus, the predictive control designretains flexibility without any increase of time-computational demands. The proposed solution represents only soft solutionof the constraints, i.e. a compliance with the constraints is not fully guaranteed, but the result is satisfactory and not so far fromresults of hard-constraint solution computed e.g. by a quadratic programming. The solution predetermines the area of the use to the systems with fast dynamics requiring very high sampling rates as electric drives and the like. The solution is presented in the paper as a generalized solution for common use. It is demonstrated by simple simulative examples and one illustration from a real control of 3-phase electric drive.


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