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Identification of Aliasing-Based Patterns in Re-Captured LCD Screens

Conference Paper (international conference)

Mahdian Babak, Novozámský Adam, Saic Stanislav

serial: Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2015, p. 616-620

action: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2015, ICIP 2015, (Québec City, CA, 27.09.2015-30.09.2015)

project(s): GA13-28462S, GA ČR

keywords: Image and Video Recapturing, Cyclostationary, Aliasing, Spectral analysis, CFA, Image forensics

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abstract (eng):

In this paper we address the problem of identification of pictures and videos re-captured from LCD screens. We show that they often exhibit detectable periodic patterns that are caused by regular sampling grid of LCD screen and aliasing. We develop a method capable of detecting these patterns by using the theory of cyclostationarity. The term cyclostationarity refers to a special class of signals which exhibit periodicity in their statistics. Such signals have a frequency spectrum correlated with a shifted version of itself. Experimental results quantifying the performance of the developed method are also shown.


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