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Removing Camera Blur: Tricks of the Trade, Insights and Applications (Tutorial)


Favaro P., Wipf D., Šroubek Filip, Wang J.

serial: Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2015)

action: IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, (Santiago, CL, 11.12.2015-18.12.2015)

project(s): M100751201, GA AV ČR

keywords: blind deconvolution

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abstract (eng):

This tutorial aims at introducing motion deblurring to beginning graduate students and engineers in industry. The main objective is to illustrate how the blur removal problem can be cast, what has been achieved so far, what we really know about blind deconvolution, and what the next challenges are.


2012-12-21 16:10