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PIZZARO: Forensic analysis and restoration of image and video data

Journal Article

Kamenický Jan, Bartoš Michal, Flusser Jan, Mahdian Babak, Kotera Jan, Novozámský Adam, Saic Stanislav, Šroubek Filip, Šorel Michal, Zita Aleš, Zitová Barbara, Šíma Z., Švarc P., Hořínek J.

serial: Forensic Science International vol.264, 1 (2016), p. 153-166

project(s): VG20102013064, GA MV, GA13-29225S, GA ČR

keywords: Image forensic analysis, Image restoration, Image tampering detection, Image source identification

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abstract (eng):

This paper introduces a set of methods for image and video forensic analysis. They were designed to help to assess image and video credibility and origin and to restore and increase image quality by diminishing unwanted blur, noise, and other possible artifacts. The motivation came from the best practices used in the criminal investigation utilizing images and/or videos. The determination of the image source, the verification of the image content, and image restoration were identified as the most important issues of which automation can facilitate criminalists work. Novel theoretical results complemented with existing approaches (LCD re-capture detection and denoising) were implemented in the PIZZARO software tool, which consists of the image processing functionality as well as of reporting and archiving functions to ensure the repeatability of image analysis procedures and thus fulfills formal aspects of the image/video analysis work. Comparison of new proposed methods with the state of the art approaches is shown. Real use cases are presented, which illustrate the functionality of the developed methods and demonstrate their applicability in different situations. The use cases as well as the method design were solved in tight cooperation of scientists from the Institute of Criminalistics, National Drug Headquarters of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service of the Police of the Czech Republic, and image processing experts from the Czech Academy of Sciences.


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