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Decentralized Networked Control of Building Structures

Journal Article

Bakule Lubomír, Rehák Branislav, Papík Martin

serial: Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering vol.31, 11 (2016), p. 871-886

project(s): GA13-02149S, GA ČR

keywords: decentralized control, networked control, building structures

abstract (eng):

The article presents a new method for the design of decentralized networked switched controllers to mitigate the response of building structures under earthquakes. It consists of two phases. The first phase generates low-order gain matrices based on the linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control design. It includes a substructural approach when the equations of motion of substructures are extracted from the equation of motion of the overall structures described by a finite element in-plane (2-D) model. Appropriate model reduction procedures, determination of damping as well as the selection of sensor and actuators locations and models are applied to each substructure. The sensors and actuators are implemented into the design model. Both resulting reduced-order state space models of substructures are used for the proper LQG control design. The obtained local controllers are implemented into the overall structure to evaluate the performance of the closed-loop system.


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