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Automated Driving from the View of Technical Standards

Monography Chapter

Grubmüller S., Plíhal Jiří, Nedoma P.

serial: Automated driving, p. 29-40 , Eds: Plíhal Jiří, Nedoma Pavel, Grubmueller Stephanie

project(s): 6002, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

keywords: autonomous driving, vehicle systems, driver assistance systems

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abstract (eng):

This paper provides a short overview of driving automation for on-road vehicles from the standardization point of view with focus on various levels of automa-tion. The content of this Chapter should be considered only as information and does not constitute in any way any obligations for or commitments of the referred standardization bodies. The main target today should be to reach a harmonized regulatory approach for automated driving at European Union (EU) level that would allow for innovation and, also, improve safety, efficiency and environment while preserving the comfort of the passengers. Issues like specific requirements for the sensor function and performance or communication links for cooperative solutions will not be considered in this document.


2012-12-21 16:10