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IPFP and Further Experiments

Conference Paper (international conference)

Kratochvíl Václav, Vejnarová Jiřina

serial: Belief Functions: Theory and Applications, p. 164-173 , Eds: Vejnarová Jiřina, Kratochvíl Václav

action: International Conference on Belief Functions 2016 /4./, (Prague, CZ, 21.09.2016-23.09.2016)

project(s): GA16-12010S, GA ČR

keywords: IPFP, belief function, operator of composition

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abstract (eng):

Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure is commonly used in probability theory for construction of a joint probability distribution from a system of its marginals. A similar idea can be used in case of belief functions thanks to special operators of composition defined in this framework. In this paper, a formerly designed IPF procedure is further studied. We propose a modification of composition operator (for the purpose of the procedure), compare the behavior of the modified procedure with the previous one and prove its convergence.\n


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