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Research Report

Bakule Lubomír, Papík Martin, Rehák Branislav

publisher: ÚTIA AV ČR, (Praha 2016)

edition: Research Report 2356

project(s): GA13-02149S, GA ČR

keywords: event-triggered control, networked control systems, large scale complex systems

abstract (eng):

DCTOOL-A3 is a documentation of Matlab routines developed for the design of decentralized control of large scale complex systems. The current beta version covers three areas as follows:\nReport 4.1 deals with the event-triggered control design for unstructured uncertain systems. Both non-quantized and quantized feedback is analyzed. The results are given in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Logarithmic quantizer is used. Numerical example illustrates the effectiveness of the presented results.\nReport 4.2 presents a new decentralized overlapping wireless control design with a switched communication protocol. The method is applied by simulations on the 20-story building structure including the test of robustness of the methods against sensor failures and network node dropouts of a digital network.\nReport 4.3 presents the construction of a new decentralized wireless controller and a set of heuristic algorithms for evaluation of packet dropouts, sensor faults and actuator faults. The digital network operates at the standard frequency used in well-known widely-used industrial protocols. The results are tested at the Benchmark model decomposed into two disjoint substructures. The results are published. Thus, the details are omitted here.

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