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2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments


Flusser Jan, Suk Tomáš, Zitová Barbara

publisher: John Wiley & Sons, (Chichester 2016)

project(s): GA15-16928S, GA ČR

keywords: moment invariants, image blurring, computer vision

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abstract (eng):

2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments, is a unique compendium of moment-based image analysis which includes traditional methods and also reflects the latest development of the field.\nThe book presents a survey of 2D and 3D moment invariants with respect to similarity and affine spatial transformations and to image blurring and smoothing by various filters. The book comprehensively describes the mathematical background and theorems about the invariants but a large part is also devoted to practical usage of moments. Applications from various fields of computer vision, remote sensing, medical imaging, image retrieval, watermarking, and forensic analysis are demonstrated. Attention is also paid to efficient algorithms of moment computation.


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