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Predictive Control of 5 DOF Robot Arm of Autonomous Mobile Robotic System Motion Control Employing Mathematical Model of the Robot Arm Dynamics

Conference Paper (international conference)

Belda Květoslav, Rovný O.

serial: Proceedings of the 21th International Conference on Process Control 2017, p. 339-344 , Eds: Fikar Miroslav, Kvasnica Michal

action: 21th International Conference on Process Control 2017, (Štrbské Pleso, SK, 20170606)

keywords: kinematics and dynamics of articulated robots, mathematical modeling, mobile robotc systems, model-based control design, motion control, predictive control

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abstract (eng):

The paper deals with a design of model predictive control (MPC) as an example of the advanced local motion control of articulated robot arms in the scope of manipulation operations within the intradepartmental transportation among workplaces. Initially, the use of articulated robotic arms as a part of mobile robotic systems is discussed. Then, the convenient composition of mathematical models of kinematics and dynamics of the aforementioned robot arms is introduced. Thereafter, MPC design is explained. The proposed theoretical methods of the mathematical modeling and control design are demonstrated by the simulation of the 5 degrees of freedom robot arm composed of drive, joint and arm modules of the Schunk Co.


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