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The Design of Vehicle Speed Profile for Semi-autonomous Driving

Monography Chapter

Herda Z., Nedoma P., Plíhal Jiří

serial: Comprehensive Energy Management - Eco Routing & Velocity Profiles, p. 39-59 , Eds: Watzenig D., Brandstätter B.

keywords: optimal vehicle speed, efficiency of driving, semiautonomous driving

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abstract (eng):

During this work an algorithm for Optimal speed profile was designed and verified. This algorithm is independent to the type of vehicle, is optimal for a selected priority between energy consumption and average speed, considers safety limits and is applicable for advanced driver assistance systems and also for autonomous driving. For our goals, it was also necessary to design a new shifting map to consider an electric motor’s behaviour because the Optimal speed design algorithm is not\napplicable on-line now and pre-designed shifting only cannot be used for real driving due to other unpredictable interruptions of driving like avoiding manoeuvers, breaking, etc. Benefits also depend on driving cycles and the biggest benefit of shifting is expected in the cities where the FEVs make sense.\n


2012-12-21 16:10