Institute of Information Theory and Automation


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Name Surname Positionsort icon Department Room 26605-
Filip Šroubek deputy head of the department ZOI 47 2527
Ondřej Šembera Ph.D student SI 125 2812
Jan Švorc Ph.D student MTR 73 2421
Vít Škvára Ph.D student AS 362 2546
Jakub Štěch Ph.D student AS 479 2307
Václav Šmídl research fellow AS 381 2420
Michal Šorel research fellow ZOI 48 2069
Martin Šmíd research fellow E 223 2844
Miroslav Šiman research fellow SI 81 2019
Jana Švarcová secretary ZOI 145 2586
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Last modification: 12.08.2010
Institute of Information Theory and Automation