Institute of Information Theory and Automation


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Name Surname Positionsort icon Department Room 26605-
Pavel Heral P 77 2283
Michal Houda postdoc E 209 2417
Michal Haindl head of the department RO 470 2350
Jindřiška Havlenová librarian KN 163 2202
Michal Havlíček Ph.D student RO 367 2845
Pavel Hrabák Ph.D student AS 479 2307
Cyril Höschl Ph.D. student ZOI 46 2451
Martin Hatka postdoc RO 471 2365
Radek Hofman research assistant AS 380 2442
Jitka Homolová research assistant AS 362 2347
Vojtěch Havlíček research associate RO 466 2200
Roman Horvath research associate E 220 2848
Jan Havrlant specialist ZOI 204 2440
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Last modification: 12.08.2010
Institute of Information Theory and Automation