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Semantical Component of Vague Verbal Data

Project leader: Prof. RNDr. Milan MareŇ°, DrSc.
Department: E
Supported by (ID): IAA1075301
Grantor: Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences
Type of project: theoretical
Duration: 2003 - 2006
Publications at UTIA: list


The increasing number of applications of mathematical methods in natural and social sciences implies an urgent demand for managemant of vague quantitative inputs, frequently represented by verbal units like "little", "high", "approximately ..", something between ..." and other. An adequate tool for modelling vague data are fuzzy quantities. The experience earned by modelling real situations shows that they are sometimes relatively rough. The assence of the problem is not connected with quantitative (numerical) component of fuzzy quantity but rather in its qualitative (semantic) component representing the vagueness being presented on the verbal expressions. The main object of the research in the submitted project is exactly the qualitative component and its fuzzy logical functional representation.
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