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Advanced measurement of material appearance

Project leader: Ing. Jiří Filip, Ph.D.
Department: RO
Supported by (ID): GA14-02652S
Grantor: Czech Science Foundation
Type of project: theoretical
Duration: 2014 - 2016
Publications at UTIA: list


View and illumination dependent representation of real-world material surfaces is crucial for different applications in virtual prototyping, safety visual simulations or cultural heritage digitization. However, the measurement of the corresponding descriptive data is time consuming due to its massive size and dimensionality, which strongly limit any practical utilization. The main goal of this project is to simplify the measurement process by using adaptive statistical models and feature selection methods. First we will use our unique high precision measurement setup to create an extensive database of precise appearance measurements spanning a large variety of real-world materials. Next we will use this database to develop new efficient material-dependent measurement strategies and apply them to propose affordable and fast methods of appearance classification and analysis. We believe that the extensive experience and technical readiness of our team will enable development of new efficient, less complicated yet precise material appearance measurement techniques.

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