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BOREC – Color Image in Realtime Embedded Computing

Project leader: Dr. Ing. Jan Schier
Department: ZOI
Supported by (ID): TH03010330
Grantor: Technology Agency ČR
Type of project: applicational
Duration: 2018 - 2020
Publications at UTIA: list


The goal of the project is to develop new methods for colour image acquisition and processing and to apply the results of this research in selected practical applications. The project is aimed at colour image with high colour resolution, with up to several tens colour components. To reach the goal, it is necessary to address three main areas: first, to analyze the imaging systems and resulting multispectral images from the point of view of the requirements of the target appplications, second, to analyze properties of colour light sources, especially the LED-based ones and the discharge lamps, and, finally, to perform research of the multispectral image-processing methods, e.g. the preprocessing methods, methods for object detection and for colour information extraction, other methods.
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